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Yoga For You: An Interview with Allison (Allie) Lehnhardt of Allie Cat Yoga & Poston’s Fitness for Life

By postonsfit4life | In Fitness, Group Training, Health Coaching, News, Personal Training | on June 29, 2017

Allie 1

From time to time I like to step back and introduce you to some of the incredible professionals we have on our team at Poston’s Fitness. In this issue of the Current, I once again am going to let you hear from one of our experts, Allie Lehnhart, and open up the world of Yoga to you. If you have never thought a Yoga class could be for you, I hope this talk with Allie creates a shift in your thinking. If you are quite familiar with Yoga, I hope you learn something new here with Allie. So, with that, let’s meet Allie Lehnhart.

Bob: Hi Allie, I want to thank you for taking some time out to talk to our readers about the many benefits of Yoga and most of all your passion for sharing your expertise in this art of mental and physical fitness. Can you start with some background on you and how it all got started?

Allie: My yoga journey began 10 years ago in a class that deeply moved my body in a way that helped me release the built up tension I had created. I walked into the yoga class not sure where things were going to go. By the time I rolled up my mat, I felt all wrung out and calm. My teacher’s words stayed with me throughout the week and I had a sense of stillness within me. I later realized this peace was with me all along, I just needed to get fully into my body long enough to figure that out. Once I realized what yoga could do for me, I knew I wanted to share that with others. I wanted to help people feel better in their bodies.

Bob: Calvert County is lucky to have you, Allie. I know that there are many art forms of Yoga. Which do you specialize in and what brought you to those particular art forms?

Allie: I teach Vinyasa Flow. I love this style of yoga because it allows me to be creative and open to whatever I see happening in class, while staying within the parameters of proper alignment. I can and do instantly change what we will move into by who shows up in front of me. It’s fun because every class is different.

Bob: I want to direct this one to the guys out there; Yoga is not just for women, right Allie? What kind of feedback do you get from guys once they start taking Yoga?

Allie: Yoga is definitely not just for women. Yoga is for everybody. Every age. Every shape. The first thing I hear from the guys is, “I did not know it would be so challenging”, (as they wipe the sweat off of their forehead). Yep, you are going to work in my class! Many of my male students live an active life. What they find, is that yoga is a great pairing to all the other sports. Yoga will not only help you to perform better in those sports by building strength and flexibility, but also helps decrease the chance of a future injury.

Bob: Great information, Allie. Is there anything else you would like to share about the benefits of Yoga with our readers here?

Allie: The list of benefits from practicing yoga is extensive. From decreasing anxiety and blood pressure to improved balance and vitality. But, yoga is much more than the physical practice. It’s realizing it’s not what the pose looks like, so much as who you are in the pose. Where does your mind race to when you are faced with a posture that shakes you a bit? More than anything, yoga helps you come in tune with your body. You’ll learn to understand where you hold your tension, where you feel open and how to quiet the chattering mind. It’s all about learning how to let go and breathe.

Well, I am convinced I could definitely add yoga to my health and fitness training regimen. Okay folks, if you have never taken a class at my training center before, I want to invite you to try a complimentary Yoga session with us. Just contact the center at 301-327-5246, mention this article and we will get you registered. Again Allie, thank you very much for sharing your passion for the art of Yoga with me and our readers here. Namaste. As always, I want to wish everyone great health and fitness.
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