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Women on Weights – An Interview with Certified Fitness Trainer Jaci Hills, by Bob Poston MS, CFT

By postonsfit4life | In Events, Fitness, Group Training, Health Coaching, News, Personal Training | on April 20, 2017

For this article, I sat down with another Certified Fitness Professional that is training at Poston’s Fitness for Life, Jaci Hills. She works with clients one on one, in partner training and in group classes. Jaci holds certifications in group fitness instruction, teaching classes that range from kickboxing, indoor cycling, yoga, BARRE and TRX. She obtained her Personal Trainer certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Jaci also holds a Bachelor’s and a Masters of Public Health from Purdue University. Jaci is very passionate about health and fitness and loves to share her experience and expertise with all of her clients. So with that, let’s meet Jaci Hills.

Bob: Hi Jaci, I spoke a little of your background above, how about sharing with our readers here a little more about your pursuit of fitness, your passion to share your expertise and finding your way to Calvert County.

Jaci: I like to say I stumbled my way into fitness before actively pursuing a career in the industry. My stumbling block came during an internship in college with Purdue’s Campus Recreation Department. My supervisor at the time was in need of kickboxing instructors. I was sent to my very first group fitness training and 8 certifications later here I am.

My stumbling turned into a purposeful pathway as I became more and more drawn to the industry. Fitness is more than just physical. Whether it’s helping people step away from their hectic schedules for an hour or motivating clients for that extra push, it’s about finding balance in life. My motto with clients has always been to find your soulmate workout. The industry is always evolving and I really enjoy bringing something new to each session, class and day.

Calvert County became our home in 2015 after my husband’s job moved us here from Texas. My continued love for morning classes encouraged another instructor to recruit me to Poston’s Fitness for Life and I’ve had the pleasure of working here since then.

Bob: Well Jaci, we are very fortunate to have you coaching clients with us here at Poston’s Fitness for Life. I understand that you are going to host your first workshop at Poston’s and it will be on weight training for female exercisers. Without giving away too much information, can you give our readers here a sneak peek at what to expect and why they should plan to attend?

Jaci: Women on Weights was inspired by the continued hesitancy of many women to enter the weight room. Over the years, I have overheard my clients and participants discuss fear of bulking from using heavier weights or just overall apprehension using equipment like barbells. The workshop will bust common myths associated with weight lifting. My goal is for participants to walk away with the confidence and knowledge to integrate more strength training into their fitness routine.

The workshop will be broken down into two parts- a test and workout phase. Participants will expect to explore different exercises with various volumes of weight followed by a total body workout with barbells. 90 minutes of sweating, learning and lifting.

Bob: Wow Jaci, it sounds like a great sharing and learning opportunity on strength training for women and I certainly hope that all of our female readers here, that are looking to add or expand their workouts to include weight training, will plan on attending. And for all of our readers, I wish you great health and fitness, Bob.

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