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Body Weight Training with TRX: Bob Poston MS, CFT with Megan Twining

By postonsfit4life | In Fitness, Group Training, News, Personal Training | on September 24, 2018

I get asked on a regular basis what I believe is the best machine to use for performing workout exercises. Without hesitation, I tell folks that their body is and I quote the TRX slogan of “Make Your Body Your Machine” as you perform bodyweight exercises with this unique tool. The TRX was created by a former Navy Seal named Randy Hetrick. He wanted something that would help him stay mission ready, was light and could be carried while on deployment. He took an old jui-jitsu belt and incorporated parachute webbing and the first TRX strap was born. It has evolved quite a bit since that first strap, but I can tell you first hand that it is an awesome workout. To give you more detailed information about TRX and using your own bodyweight in training, I am going to bring in certified TRX Coach Megan Twining.

Bob: Hi Megan, you have been through the entire professional education track with TRX, and are now one of their certified coaches, can you share what drew you to TRX?

Megan: The best thing about TRX is that it is fun to use! That is what originally drew me to the TRX workouts way back in 2010. I was a runner for years and didn’t really like to work out in a gym or in a fitness class, and then I took a TRX class and it was very different than any other class I had ever taken. I loved it so much that I decided to become a personal trainer. Once I started using TRX from the trainer’s perspective I found it to be the best workout for total-body.

Bob: It is a great workout for sure and taxes the entire body. Can you talk about some of the formats you are introducing clients to at our facility in Dunkirk?

Megan: Yes! TRX is being used by personal trainers and group fitness classes since it is such a great tool for functional training. We offer 3 classes dedicated specifically to TRX every week, and each class has a little different focus.

TRX Flex & Flexibility is a class that incorporates strength training followed by some mobility and flexibility work. We focus on which parts of the body are stable and which parts are mobile in each movement for maximum gains.

TRX Fusion is really fun and high-energy. Each week we combine the TRX straps with a different modality. Some days it is TRX and dumbbells, or TRX and the BOSU Balance Trainer, or even TRX and Barre.

TRX Rip & Run is a class designed to help runners further their conditioning. Running intervals that incorporate endurance and speed work are paired with the TRX Rip Trainer, which is an extraordinary tool for building core stability and rotational control – both crucial to a runner’s success.

Bob: Awesome information Megan. What else would you like to share about TRX?

Megan: TRX is much more than just an awesome tool for working out. The TRX brand is really a movement in the training industry and their focus is on, well…. movement. TRX believes that when it comes to movement, better is better. Anyone can jump around and burn calories, but TRX is focused on helping people move better and train better. At TRX they are sticklers for performing a movement right, or not at all. And as such, they have created some amazing training tools and professional education so that clients, athletes and coaches alike can earn their better. I absolutely love this brand – and I know anyone who comes to give a class a try will too. Thank you, Bob, for featuring such a cutting-edge training technique at Poston’s Fitness!

Thanks again for taking some time out to share with the readers here Megan. Folks if you have never tried a TRX class before, I highly recommend you get yourself in one and experience the training challenges and benefits there are with just moving your own bodyweight. If you are an experienced TRX user, I invite you to come in and take a class with one of our certified TRX pros and see if you don’t discover a muscle you have not felt before ☺ I wish you great health and fitness. Bob

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