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Get Ready for Stand Up Paddle Boarding (aka SUP) by: Bob Poston, MS, CFT

By postonsfit4life | In Fitness, Group Training, Health Coaching, News, Personal Training, Team Training | on May 4, 2017

Well, good-bye April and HELLO May, it is time to get ready for warmer weather and that means getting in the water and having some fun. At my fitness training center, we absolutely love challenging our clients with workouts that not only help them increase balance and flexibility, but also to become stronger and better prepared to accomplish the goals that they have set for themselves in their fitness journey. At Poston’s Fitness for Life, we truly partner with our clients on their journey for better health and fitness. One such partnership this winter and spring was helping several clients that had a strong interest in learning to do Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). This was something we were happy to help with as we have the owner of Chesapeake Paddle Sports, Andrea Melbourne, working with clients at our center. Andrea introduced clients to SUP by bringing in paddleboards and setting them up in in our center to simulate being on the water. So, to let you know more about SUP, I will let Andrea take it from here.

Bob: Hi Andrea, how about letting our readers know a little bit about you and Chesapeake Paddle Sports?

Andrea: My life-long fitness career began in 1983 when I took my first Aerobics class with a friend. I went on to become a Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and have evolved with the fitness industry for over 35 years. My certifications and experience include ALL modalities of group fitness. I currently teach and/or have taught Boot Camps, Step, Indoor Cycling, Pilates, Yoga Aqua, Seniors, Kids, Core Functional Fitness, Kick Boxing, TRX and Barre. I am a Pro Trainer with FiTour leading future Group Fitness and Personal Trainers on their professional journey. My most recent addition to my repertoire of certifications is SUP Coach, SUP Fitness, and SUP Yoga.
Chesapeake Paddle Sports opened in the summer of 2014. We are located at Paradise Marina in Deale, MD (next to Skipper’s Pier). We offer SUP & Kayak rentals, Paddling lessons, SUP Fitness/Yoga classes & guided tours (our famous Orange Crush Sunset Tour).

Bob: I peeked in on some of your Indoor SUP classes the past couple of months and everyone looked like they were having a great time. Can you talk more about SUP and your journey to make it part of your personal and professional life?

Andrea: SUP Surf and Turf is a fun and challenging introductory fitness class. I give you a taste of the many benefits of training on the water that include board skill, balance, endurance, strength and focus – all while being indoors. You will also learn proper paddling fundamentals in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

SUP is like a supersized surf board, only we are not out looking for and catching big waves on it. Once you are standing, it is like walking on water versus sitting in a kayak. My love for the outdoors & passion for fitness brought me to SUP Fitness. The first time I stood up on a paddle board it was like magic. SUP is a great core workout – then to add fitness and yoga onto an unstable surface, which is the fun and challenging part, just rocked my world! Poston’s Fitness has allowed me to share my love of SUP through this incredible and unique Surf and Turf class I taught over the winter.

Bob: Great information Andrea and thanks so much for taking the time to share about you and your SUP passion. I am looking forward to taking my first SUP tour at your center in Deale this month. From what I hear, it will be a lot of fun and a great experience on the water. I hope that our readers here will look to visit you as well this season. As always, I wish everyone great health and fitness as your outdoor activities increase with the warmer weather. Bob

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