OnDeck Circuit

This is a 10-station metabolic circuit available to our IMPACT and COMMIT2BFIT members to run through on their own. Each week there is a WOW (Workout of the Week), designed by our team of rockstar trainers that is geared at raising your heartrate, burning fat, and strengthening the body as a whole! Can’t make a class? Miss a workout? Pop in and go through that week’s OnDeck Circuit.

This is a game changer – workout on your own time, get a workout in before or after work, or maybe a metabolic warmup before a class.

The 10 stations of the metabolic circuit consist of the following:
5 – Main Strength Movements
5 – OnDeck Circle Cardio Exercises

The Main Strength Movements consist of compound movements hitting the major muscle groups of the body. Miscellaneous equipment like kettlebells, BOSU balance trainers, dumbbells, medicine balls, Equalizers, and TRX Rip Trainers may be used. The OnDeck Circle Cardio Exercises consist of high intensity bodyweight type movements to get the heartrate pumping. Short breaks in between exercises help ensure that metabolic blast lasts! Cycle through 2 – 3 times for a quick 20-30 minute full body workout.