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Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

By Bob Poston MS, CFT

By postonsfit4life | In Fitness, Health Coaching, Personal Training | on September 29, 2016

It seems like it was not that long ago that I first started training with weights. Okay, so Nautilus machines were first hitting the gyms at the same time, so maybe it was a long time ago, who knew. I remember walking into my local gym to get all signed up and started with my new exercise regimen. I was given the basic introduction to the machines, handed a blank exercise tracking log and I was off and running, on my own. After all, I had read all those muscle magazines, so I knew exactly what to do, right? Well it did not take long for the newness to wear off and the changes to my body to slow down or stop. I decided I needed a new plan and I needed to find a new resource that would help me to put the plan together. My search took me to an encounter with a “Personal Trainer” and that is when things truly started to click for me. I started to learn more about movements in all three plans of motion and not just straight pushes and pulls. This was the jump start that grew my passion about fitness and exercise which translated into getting a fitness trainer certification of my own. That passion grew into my pursuit of a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and opening my own training center to help folks reach new levels in their fitness journeys.

So, you ask why should I hire a Personal Trainer, Bob. According to IDEA, an International Health and Fitness organization, 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want! But out of the 25% of people who are getting results, 90% of them are working with a Personal Trainer. That is because a Personal Trainer will provide you with the one-on-one attention and motivation needed to succeed. They will partner with you to create a personalized training program catered to your needs and help you get the results you are looking for. They become your accountability coach and training partner that will provide you with guidance, motivation, and education to ensure you establish healthy and effective exercise patterns right from the beginning.

Like many folks new to exercise, does walking into a gym intimidate you? Are you confused about all of the different exercise programs that are out there and which would work for you? Do you have questions about how to properly use the equipment? A Personal Trainer will teach you how to exercise correctly and safely. My philosophy has always been quality of the exercise over quantity or amount you are lifting when it comes to strength training. A great trainer will teach you how to correctly execute the exercise, through a full Range of Motion (ROM), and gradually increase the loads you are exercising with.

Do you have issues making a commitment? I want to tell you that you are certainly not alone. In fact, 80% of people discontinue their exercise program after 2-3 months. I see this happen every year with New Year’s resolutions. There is a crush of new folks jumping into exercise programs, but before the end of February or early March they disappear. When you are a number in a gym that bills your account monthly, they are not going to miss your physical presence when they have your fiscal presence. But when you have an appointment with your trainer, your coach, your accountability partner, things are going to be different for you. Your Personal Trainer will help you adhere to your schedule and your program consistently. When you schedule an appointment with a trainer, you make a commitment to yourself – a commitment that your trainer won’t let you break!

If you have suffered an injury, you have the option of doing nothing or taking an active role in feeling better. If you have completed a rehabilitation program and have been turned lose to start training again, a Personal Trainer will work with you and your health care professional to develop a safe post-rehabilitation program. Your trainer will assist you on your road to recovery.

So, here we are approaching the 4th quarter of 2016. Where are you in your exercise journey that you started in the 1st quarter? If you never started or you have stepped off the path, I encourage you to seek the assistance of a Personal Trainer now. The weather is starting to change, so outdoor activities will be slowing down, so you need to be picking up the PACE. A Personal Trainer will team up with you and give you the support to start your fitness journey or to get you back on the path. Personal Training gets RESULTS and that’s why anyone can benefit from this personal attention!

I wish you great health. Bob

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By Bob Poston MS, CFT"