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Meet Me at the BARRE: by Bob Poston – Interview with Megan Twining, Trainer and BARRE Instructor at Poston’s Fitness

By postonsfit4life | In Fitness, Group Training | on September 15, 2016

In the last article we talked about Speed and Agility training with Coach Scott Chamberlin. For this article, I switched gears and sat down with another Fitness Professional that is training at Poston’s Fitness for Life, Megan Twining. She works with clients one on one and in group settings. It is one of her group trainings, BARRE that I am bringing to you in this writing. I remember when I first talked to our clients about getting a BARRE installed at our training center, they were like WOW, you are putting in a BAR? We had quite a laugh about that once we got on the same page. So with that, let’s meet Megan Twining.

Bob: Hi Megan, looks like you had another great BARRE class today. There are quite a few folks out there that are unfamiliar with BARRE, how would you describe BARRE and its evolution for them?

Megan: BARRE is a very fun & different kind of workout; it’s super effective, and designed to eliminate fitness plateaus. The no-impact class is a fusion of functional fitness, isometrics, and challenging, “barre-work”, which is the foundation for muscle endurance required by dancers. The result is a lean, sculpted body, elongated muscles, strong core, and improved flexibility and posture.
There is no dancing in BARRE, and there is no performance or dance coordination called upon. Much like a boot-camp class, the instructor will walk you through a series of exercise combinations that target specific muscle groups. You may find yourself on your toes, or in a deep plié and the instructor will have you work from there. The challenge is to maintain the pose as you work. That’s how your muscles change!
BARRE found itself as a welcome addition to the fitness industry at about the same time that Dancing with the Stars began flashing long legs, strong backs and arms, and sculpted abs all over the TV! Wow—that healthy dancer physique! The fitness industry gained a very effective workout when some of the key elements of dance training went mainstream!

Bob: So, is it good for both men and women?

Megan: Yes. Like yoga, women and men both benefit from BARRE. It is a great compliment to any type of training because of the focus on the smaller muscle groups which are needed to, not only support larger muscles used in more traditional gym workouts or sports, but for injury prevention as well.

Bob: How about one’s level of fitness to participate in a BARRE class?

Megan: BARRE classes are challenging for every level of fitness. Clients, who are new to working out, or starting again after some time off, will find the class challenging as they build up stamina. Others who are take BARRE as a way to incorporate some cross-training, or to work through a fitness plateau, will find the method very rewarding because of the elements of muscle confusion. Advanced clients who are working at more of a performance level will find challenge in engaging muscles at the deepest layers. Once that deep muscle tissue is involved, the muscle begins to shake–that is usually when clients are hooked!

Bob: How often should you take a training class like this?

Megan: BARRE, because of its no-impact, total body method, is safe to take many times per week. Clients see inches lost and toned muscles after about 3 weeks when they consistently attend 3-4x/week. If BARRE is being added as a supplement to a specific sport or personal training routine 2x/week will provide gains in flexibility and supporting muscle strength.

Bob: Is there special clothing or equipment that a client would need to bring?

Megan: POSTON’S Fitness provides all the equipment needed for BARRE class. Wearing workout attire that is comfortable, allows movement, and provides some modesty from waist to knee is best. Most clients wear what they would to a yoga class. No shoes please. We work barefoot, or with yoga socks, which provide traction.

Wow, thanks Megan for this great insight into what BARRE is all about. So, there you have it folks. You will gain balance, flexibility, strength and endurance, by hitting your local BARRE class found at Poston’s Fitness in Dunkirk. I wish you great health, Bob.

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