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Indoor Cycling – Pedaling Your Way to Great Health: by Bob Poston MS, CFT with Tracy Daily

By postonsfit4life | In Fitness, Group Training, News, Personal Training | on September 7, 2017

I hope that you have had a great summer and that your Labor Day celebration was spent with great friends and family. For our kids, summer is officially over as they head back to school and now maybe things will slow down a little for you, right? Do you remember your summers outside? Did you have a bike and if so, do you remember riding that thing all over your local town? Riding a bike was just fun, right? Well, it was great exercise that you did not even know you were getting at the time. Now that you are all grown up and you know the importance of exercise, it is time to get back on that bike. I want to introduce you to Tracy Daily who is another great coach at our training center in Dunkirk. Tracy is a Group Fitness Instructor and aspiring Certified Personal Trainer. In fact, she holds multiple certifications and one that she really loves is her indoor cycling certification from Schwinn. Now, let’s meet Tracy Daily.

Bob: Hi Tracy, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to our readers about your fitness passion and in particular, indoor cycling. Before we jump into the bike ride, can you let folks know a little about you?

Tracy: I am a lifelong fitness enthusiast turned fitness instructor. I retired a few years ago from an amazing career spanning 21 years as a firefighter paramedic with the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS department. After retiring, I decided to focus on my passions, first, my family and second, fitness. I became certified as an ACE Group Fitness Instructor last year and finished specialty certifications in TRX group fitness and Schwinn Indoor Cycling. I am currently working on my ACE Certified Personal Trainer to further expand my fitness knowledge base. My desire to help people has transcended job roles and I am very excited to work with the clientele at Poston’s.

Bob: Thanks Tracy and we are certainly happy to have you as part of our coaching team. Can you talk about the Schwinn philosophy when it comes to Indoor Cycling programs?

Tracy: The Schwinn philosophy is broken down in their ABC’s of Indoor Cycling. They believe in Authentic cycling principles, Broad Based appeal, and Coaching style instruction. This means that Schwinn developed their program based on principles and science related to outdoor cycling. You will not be asked to do anything in an indoor cycling class that you wouldn’t normally do on an outdoor bike. The class should be simple, non-intimidating, and enjoyable to the wide variety of exercisers. Lastly, students should be coached and empowered to do their best.

Bob: How intense are these indoor rides, Tracy, and is it easy for a first timer to join right in on a class?

Tracy: Indoor cycling is an appropriate class for everyone. Our students are coached to ride at an intensity that is appropriate and comfortable to them. Through use of resistance and pedal speed, everyone from the elite athlete to the novice beginner can experience an optimal workout. First time students are encouraged to show up a few minutes early so that the Instructor may probably fit or adjust the bike for a safe and comfortable ride.

Bob: A lot of great information, Tracy. Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers here about the indoor cycling programming at our center?

Tracy: Unique to our center here at Poston’s, we program our classes to incorporate more than just the “ride”. Because indoor cycling is primarily a lower body cardio activity, we try to add strength and flexibility movements off the bike as well. It provides our clientele with an amazing, well rounded workout. Don’t be surprised with the change in season, you see the versatility of our studio space as well. With access through a large garage door, we can hold class indoors or outdoors. You never know when we will take the opportunity to move outside so that we may feel the wind through our hair!

There you have it folks, as you look to take workouts indoors, there is no need to put your bike riding time on hold. Come on by and check out the indoor cycling “RIDE” programs we offer at our center in Dunkirk. I am sure you will find a format that you will love. I wish you great health and Fitness. Bob

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